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The Glowing Rectangle

Does your family struggle with screen time? This book colorfully explains phones to children, while also reminding grown-ups to stay in the moment and prioritize spending quality time together as a family.


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in Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle

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The Paper Rectangle

Grown-up jobs are a non-stop source of interest for kids. This book playfully explains what types of jobs grown-ups might have while reminding kids (and parents) that the most important job is raising them.


Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble
in Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle

The Plastic Rectangle

Money is an ever intriguing yet difficult concept to grasp for kids. This book playfully explains how money works while reminding kids (and parents) that there are many things money can't buy.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble
in Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle

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The Glowing Beach

Take your kids on a magical journey to a glowing beach where they'll be enchanted by nature. This book playfully explains how bio-luminescent creatures work, while showing the true beauty of nature and science.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble
in Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle

The Shape of Parenting Books

The Shape of Parenting is a new series of children's books that helps explain everyday grown-up curiosities like phones, jobs and credit cards to kids. The rectangle shapes become engaging characters that lead with learning, while reminding both kids and grown-ups that nothing is more important than spending time together.

All books are printed with OpenDyslexic typeface, which helps people with dyslexia read more efficiently.

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I love this topic! As parents and teachers we need to set an example of what healthy phone use looks like. This book is all about smart phones, what they do and also why sometimes it seems like adults are more interested in playing with their phones than with their children. Fortunately this book offers the reader a possible solution for families to balance family time. A way to remind family members, that there’s a real world out there that also needs your love and attention. The story has a very sweet ending making it especially perfect for a bedtime read. It’s a really smart idea, the writing is great and the illustrations are very professional.

The Plastic Rectangle introduces the concept of money to children from an early age. This rhyming picture book teaches children that money comes from hard work, and money is important in life, but love and spending time with family are more important.  I clearly remember once I played doctor-doctor with my son, and I told him, Doctor, I am poor, I don’t have money to pay your fee, and then he replied very innocently, No problem, you can pay by card.  So money and financial terms are complex to children, but this book perfectly explains the concept of money or plastic money and how money works in a fun and playful manner. This book has a beautiful message, and its simple text and happy illustrations will keep the children captivated throughout the book.

About the Author


Katie Flynn Friedman lives in Chicago with her husband and two kids. An avid reader and lover of books, Katie left her marketing career behind during the pandemic to pursue her passion - writing!

Katie gets her inspiration from her kids and tries to write about the everyday topics that she finds her children frequently asking about. Whether its screen time and phones or money and credit cards, Katie hopes the common and relatable subjects her books cover can help other families learn, laugh and spend more time together

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